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Oct 2, 2019 - by SourceScrub

How to Improve the Venture Capital Deal Flow Process

Maintaining a strong deal pipeline that is consistently providing new and high-quality opportunities is indispensable for venture capital firms. Some…

Oct 2, 2019 - by SourceScrub

How to Leverage M&A Tools to Prep for Money 2020

Attending industry conferences are part and parcel to networking and deal sourcing. It’s a central meeting place for innovators, growing…

Oct 1, 2019 - by SourceScrub

The Transformation of Post-Deal Marketing

You’ve closed a successful deal, and now, what better way to build brand awareness and engage prospective clients than to…

Aug 14, 2019 - by SourceScrub

SourceScrub Featured on Corporate LiveWire

Read about SourceScrub in Corporate LiveWire’s recent publication about trends in the M&A market.

Aug 13, 2019 - by SourceScrub

SourceScrub Featured on Talk Markets

Talk Markets’ predictions for the M&A market focus on the record $2.5 trillion cash pile. Read more, including how SourceScrub can improve deal origination.

Aug 13, 2019 - by SourceScrub

How to Find Private Company Information

Obtaining accurate private company information is crucial to effective deal sourcing efforts. Learn how to find details on non-transacted businesses.

Aug 12, 2019 - by SourceScrub

How to Research Market Trends

Having a clear understanding of the landscape is critical to effective deal sourcing. Learn how to research market trends in your target markets.

Aug 9, 2019 - by SourceScrub

Measures of Business Growth in Deal Sourcing

Learn the key indicators of business growth and how to effectively monitor them so you can enhance your deal sourcing efforts & identify the right targets.

Jul 30, 2019 - by SourceScrub

Capitalizing on Conferences to Maximize Investment Banking Deal Flow

Investment banking tactics and strategy continue to evolve rapidly, but amidst this change, one constant remains: tradeshows play an indispensable…

Jul 29, 2019 - by SourceScrub

How to Better Uncover Private Company Information During Tradeshow Prep

In recent years, the task of deal origination within investment banking has posed a far greater challenge than it did…

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