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The Entire Sourcescrub Dataset

Turn your data resources into a proprietary asset that drives strategies no one else can match.
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Data Connect Cloud and Data Connect API solutions give you complete access to our always-growing and continuously-refreshed database and provide the foundation for a one-of-a-kind data asset and tailored solutions. Whether for modeling and analytics, or intelligence and insight, you'll see things your competitors can’t.

Real-Time Answers

Answer complex investment and valuation questions in real time, even when they require data points from multiple sources or partners.

Unique Perspective

Realize your vision for sophisticated trend analysis and alerting based on multiple metrics such as headcount, job listings, and executive hires.

Fresh Combinations

Combine Sourcescrub data with other inputs to create custom scoring to more precisely understand fit and potential of investments or client opportunities.

Tailored Definitions

Mold the Sourcescrub dataset to your firm's taxonomy for sectors, sub-sectors, and industries and see the bigger picture more clearly.

Dealmaking Data Points

Instantly add valuable perspective to your trend analysis with data points on industry conferences, best-of and industry lists, and company signal data going back more than six years.

Never Miss a Deal

Sourcescrub gives dealmakers the most complete, accurate, and connected view of private markets available so they see more opportunities and win more often.
Over 700 companies see higher returns