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SourceScrub is the leading Deal Sourcing Platform for dealmakers who want to use the most complete data, purpose-built tools, and on-demand data operations to methodically find more opportunities and win more often.

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Hundreds of Leading Dealmakers Choose SourceScrub

SourceScrub Impact

Average performance reported from SourceScrub customers


Research Productivity

Average improvement in research turnaround time


Direct sourcing

Average improvement in direct sourcing pipeline


Deal pipeline

Percentage of deals in pipeline that were sourced from SourceScrub

Source: User Evidence survey of SouceScrub customers verified 5/2023

Just imagine what you can do

We help our customers optimize every stage of their deal flow.

Deal Origination

Win More Deals

Get rich profiles on privately held companies. See historical trends as well as future growth plans. Set alerts on company milestones to ensure you don't miss a deal.

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Market research

See Opportunities More Clearly

Develop differentiated deal strategy with our deal flow management tools. Get real-time visibility into privately held markets. See competitive landscapes in minutes.

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Discover New Prospects

The largest set of conference data and list sources available. Efficiently generate lead lists with tens of thousands of conferences, buyer's guides, and best-of lists.

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Business Development

Build Relationships Early

Accurate contact information enables quick and efficient business development. Market intelligence ensures you will impress the owner/operator from the start.

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Fuel Your CRM or Data Warehouse

Our data enrichment brings your CRM to life with private company signals and executive contact details. Keep data fresh and accurate.

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See what others think

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We’re measured on actionable, investable opportunities. And SourceScrub not only expands our ocean of opportunities, it also gives us the ability to fish with spears instead of nets. I honestly can’t think of the last opportunity that didn’t originate in SourceScrub.

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SourceScrub is the lifeblood of all my sourcing efforts and is something I can’t survive without. Gone are the days of manually looking up market maps, award lists, conferences, etc. SourceScrub aggregates all of that information for you and allows you to spend your time on higher value things like speaking to the companies that matter.

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SourceScrub is a Growth Street partner, not a vendor. Its best-in-class data enrichment platform is perfect for the modern investment firm. Its system integrates seamlessly with Growth Street’s daily workflows. We are big believers in SourceScrub.

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Between the search features, comprehensive business overviews, customer support, growing list of sources and the quick turn around on sources not in the database, SourceScrub is a resource our firm uses on a daily basis.  This is a tool that is essential for any M&A sourcing strategy.