Product Overview

AI, Experts, and 190,000 Sources at Your Fingertips

AI-driven capabilities combined with our connected private company universe deliver end-to-end dealmaking that puts you at the front of the line to win every time.
See All the Possibilities
190,000 interconnected Sources connect to 15M companies in the platform for instant context, data quality, and company intent.
Screen & Prioritize
Tunable scoring models help develop DIY data science solutions to quantitatively prioritize opportunities.
Break Through & Build
CRM works with 2-way data integration to provide firmographics and contact details to scale and accelerate outreach.
Track & Monitor
Deep profiles, and signal data provide the most complete view of the private market, so you can quickly get smart on market trends.
Get There First
Put all of the data and tools together to be ready to act on opportunities at the right time to win the deal.

Purpose-Built to Accelerate Results

Search and Filter

Get more answers, faster with AI Search. Predictive technology guides your search experience with transparent precision control to fine-tune settings and improve your results.

Sourcescrub platform

Similar Companies

Discover more qualified targets with similar companies. A proprietary Expert-in-the-loop machine learning process interprets data and makes recommendations based on company description, industry, specialties, location, and more.

Sourcescrub platform

Tagging and Notifications

Tag the companies you want to keep your eye on, and effortlessly monitor targets for readiness. Automated notifications keep you on top of growth signals, Sources updates, news, events, company milestones, and more.

Sourcescrub platform

Connected Sources

Get instant context and clarity on targets with connected Sources. Expert-in-the-loop machine learning cleans, categorizes, and connects every source where a company is found to deliver competitive context and strategic insight.

Sourcescrub platform

Browser Extension

Speed up your day-to-day research while you browse the internet for opportunities. The Sourcescrub browser extension displays the platform's data real-time as you view company websites, and adds records to your CRM with the click of a button.

Sourcescrub platform

Custom Scoring

Turn anyone on your team into a data scientist with Custom Scoring. In just minutes you can create custom algorithms that score and rank target companies based on how well they fit your strategy.

Sourcescrub platform

CRM Integrations

Streamline your workflows, scale and accelerate outreach, and work with the most accurate dataset with CRM integration. Seamless bi-directional synchronization enriches CRM details and provides firmographics, contact data, custom fields, and more.

Sourcescrub platform

Data Products

Build proprietary solutions that keep you ahead of your competitors with the most accurate, complete, and always-growing private company dataset for unbeatable results.

Data Connect Cloud

Connect Sourcescrub's entire dataset in its raw form to your data warehouse (including Snowflake Marketplace, Amazon ADX, and more) to run complex analyses, develop robust data models, and find more unique opportunities.

Data Connect API

Embed Sourcescrub API into your applications and workflows for fluid information delivery, integrated user experiences, and tailored solutions to move your firm to increased and accelerated performance.

CRM Enrichment

Use bi-directional integrations with the most popular CRMs to enrich and update company and contact information with an ever-growing list of unique data points that power a new level of potential.

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Never Miss a Deal

Sourcescrub gives dealmakers the most complete, accurate, and connected view of private markets available so they see more opportunities and win more often.
Over 700 companies see higher returns