Why SourceScrub

Data-Driven Dealmaking

Private company intelligence and purpose-built tools give firms a decisive advantage.

SourceScrub’s customers return 8.3% points more IRR than their peers.

SourceScrub customers transact 55% more than their peers.


More Needles, Less Hay

There are millions of bootstrapped companies out there. But data on them is scattered across thousands of difficult-to-analyze sources. SourceScrub offers more complete and accurate data on founder-owned companies, along with technology to quickly map, prioritize and engage them.

Bootstrapped Company Focus

Founder-owned companies have always been the hardest to identify and evaluate. SourceScrub's single-minded mission is to exhaustively search for and organize bootstrapped company data, providing visibility into this otherwise opaque part of the market.

Best of People + Tech

SourceScrub technology is continuously refined to surface valuable private company data. This unmatched data set is then validated and interpreted by our 650-person data operations team. Human interpretation means our data is consistently fresh, accurate and complete.

Predictive Signal Strength

We amass private company intelligence from more than 115,000 sources, and update it monthly. We organize it into 9 core signal categories so you can reliably find, understand, prioritize and connect with targets that match your strategy.

Details That Drive Action

Our data includes details on industry conference participation, company descriptions and executive-level contacts to accelerate your deal flow, and put you a step ahead of competitors.

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