Why SourceScrub

Data-Driven Dealmaking

Deal-ready data, purpose-built tools, and on-demand data operations give firms a decisive advantage.

More Needles, Less Hay

There are millions of bootstrapped companies out there. But data on them is scattered across thousands of difficult-to-analyze sources. SourceScrub offers more complete and accurate data on founder-owned companies, along with technology and resources to spot the right ones early, build relationships, and be first in line to win the deal when the time is right.

Profile+ Company Data Standard

SourceScrub helped invent private company intelligence, and we set the bar. To meet this deal-ready standard, company records must include multi-source attribution, minimum 7 profile categories and signal data, and our proprietary derived data points.

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Built to uncover, organize and continuously enrich private company data at scale, SourceScrub's Human-in-the-Loop technology advances what traditional machine learning accomplishes. Our one-of-a-kind historical data set combined with human-supervised modeling produce the most thorough, accurate and up-to-date information available.

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Purpose-built Tools

Precision search and filtering produce accurate lists of qualified targets. Tunable scoring lets you easily weight evaluation criteria to match investment strategy. 2-way CRM integration automates processes and accelerates outreach. Browser extension instantly surfaces every piece of company intelligence as you browse websites. Target tracking and notifications alert you instantly to opportunities and investment readiness.

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Lists and Sources

SourceScrub draws on every source of company information publicly available, currently more than 115,000 of them. We interconnect these sources to create a web of potential for similar companies, market mapping, conference planning and more.

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SourceScrub Impact

Average performance reported from SourceScrub customers


Research Productivity

Average improvement in research turnaround time


Direct sourcing

Average improvement in direct sourcing pipeline


Deal pipeline

Percentage of deals in pipeline that were sourced from SourceScrub

Source: User Evidence survey of SouceScrub customers verified 1/2023

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