Why SourceScrub

Data-Driven Dealmaking

Private company intelligence and purpose-built tools give firms a decisive advantage.
How are you taking advantage of the information asymmetry?

Our Approach

Cutting edge Technology
with Human Quality Assurance

From our inception, we knew customers would value data precision and freshness. Our machine learning platform is QAed by a research team of over 450 data analysts who ensure the highest standard of quality.

Purpose Built for Investors and M&A 

Our data service was built by industry insiders.  We come from private equity, venture and investment banking industries and we understand the challenge of accessing and organizing accurate data.

SourceScrub’s PE customers return on average 8.3% more than their peers

Our Customers

A Customer List That Speak Volumes

We work with the best in the business. Whether Private Equity, Venture, Investment Banking or Corporate Development, we are fortunate to count the best and brightest as our customers.

Data Mission

Our mission is to enable data driven deal making.  We go to extraordinary lengths to bring customers the freshest and most accurate data.  We've combined the best in technology, web crawling and human editorial to create our data set.

24 x 7

Our research team works in 3 shifts to continuously update our data set.

36 days

That's how long it takes us to refresh our entire data set. Make sure you have the latest info.

Customer First Approach

One of our values is "Customer First".  From sales to product customer success to support - everything we do has customers at the center of our thinking.

Our data

Data Is a Game Changer

Obsession with data is the core of SourceScrub's DNA. We founded the company on the belief that data is fast becoming a critical driver of superior private market returns.

Data is our mission

Everything we do, every person we hire, every process we construct is designed to bring you the best, most accurate data.

A Unique approach

Privately-held company data quality is marginal at best. It comes in myriad formats across tens of thousands of sources with suspect quality, We designed our systems and processes with this in mind, combining advanced web and data technology with human editorial and QA.

A focus on the bootstrapped economy

Because we rely heavily on sources such as best-of lists, industry newsletters and conferences, we have unique insight into bootstrapped companies.

Data delivered the way you want

Every firm handles data differently.  Because of that, we designed our data to be used the way you work.  Whether its in excel, on the web, in a CRM or via API, we deliver data that works for you.

Transform your
deal team

Discover more opportunities and drive more prospect engagement. Level up your deal team with the most accurate data set available.

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