Use Cases
Portfolio Tracking

Get More From Your Portfolio

  • Never miss a deal
  • Increase deal flow and create a differentiated approach to your market (best in class, new school)

Make sure you're informed

Staying abreast of privately held companies is challenging. SourceScrub gives you the tools to track portfolios easily. Use a single source to stay on top of all of the important events in your (or other's) portfolios.

Overall, the SourceScrub platform has made us vastly more efficient in identifying sectors for possible investment, identifying companies of interest, and identifying add-on acquisition targets for our current portfolio companies. Compared to our activity several years ago, SourceScrub has completely reset the standard for our sourcing model and output.

Prairie Capital

A single view

The ability to see groups of companies has always been important, but hard to do.  SourceScrub gives you a number of ways to create and organize lists, and the companies are always up to date.

Easily organize your data

Our use of tags allows you to group companies by portfolio, sector, vintage or competitor.  Use tags to organize work across your team.

Stay notified

Alerts keeps you on top of key developments.  Be notified as companies announce important milestones.

Configurable Dashboards

Our web platform's dashboard gives you a single view of activity on the platform.  You can organize all your information in one place.