Use Case: Deal Sourcing

Connect the Dots. Find the Wins.

See more qualified opportunities, get deeper insights, and effortlessly monitor targets so you never miss a deal.

See the Entire Universe of Opportunities

Confidently map entire market landscapes and associated sub-sectors, develop deep, differentiating domain expertise, and surface highly relevant private companies not yet on your competitors’ radar.

Pinpoint the Best Targets

Quickly research proprietary opportunities, score them based on your investment criteria, and use deep company profile information, news, and event intelligence to break through early.

Automatically Track Investment Readiness

Use alerts and notifications triggered by growth signals, news events, and company milestones to monitor target readiness and reach out at the best moment with the right message.

"Sourcescrub is the lifeblood of my sourcing, and something I can’t survive without. Gone are the days of manually looking up market maps, award lists, and conferences. Sourcescrub aggregates all of that information and allows you to spend your time on higher value things like speaking to the companies that matter most."

Christian Stewart
Average Improvement in
Direct Sourcing Pipeline

How It Works

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See All the Possibilities
Start with a company, criteria or list to instantly see more possibilities and continuously add targets as they meet your requirements
Screen & Prioritize
Quickly screen and prioritize targets using browser extension and custom scoring
Break Through & Build
Integrate contact details, company profiles, and signal data with your CRM to create outreach that breaks through, and use conference data to maximize return from every travel mile
Track & Monitor
Automatically track pipeline with alerts triggered by updates, news and dynamic signal data to stay a step ahead at moments that count
First in Line to Win
Be at the front of the line to win the deal

Made to Move You from Deal to Deal

See All the Possibilities

Filter through 15M companies and 150,000 connected Sources to find companies that match your portfolio criteria. AI-powered search takes you as wide or deep as you need to find ideal targets. Companies and sources come together to help you connect the dots and find more opportunities faster.

Sourcescrub platform

Discover Similar Companies

Discover more qualified targets with Similar Companies. AI and Experts interpret data and make recommendations based on company description, industry, specialties, location, and more.

Sourcescrub platform

Prioritize Perfect Fits

Build custom scoring models based on key insights that fit your firm's criteria. Easily create a set of rules related to specific categories to focus your team's attention on companies that align with your firm's investment preferences.

Sourcescrub platform

Make Meaningful Connections

Use deep executive profiles to quickly find and connect with decision makers. Multi-source verified data gets you smart on key players to build breakthrough outreach using details to personalize and make an strong impression.

Sourcescrub platform

Scale and Automate

Synchronize and enrich CRM details with Sourcescrub data using 2-way data integration that provides firmographics and contact details to improve, enhance, and scale outreach.

Sourcescrub platform

Monitor for Readiness

Easily track and receive notifications about prospects’ growth signals, news events, company milestones, and transaction readiness to be first to reach out when the time is right.

Sourcescrub platform

Never Miss a Deal

Sourcescrub gives dealmakers the most complete, accurate, and connected view of private markets available so they see more opportunities and win more often.
Over 700 companies see higher returns