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Best of Bootstrapped in Software, H1 2020

We believe data is at the heart of new school deal flow, so we’ve extracted the top 25 privately-held companies in the software industry for you from our platform.

1. Calendly, LLC 

Calendly, LLC develops scheduling software that enables users to schedule appointments, meetings, interview, calls and more. It serves a number of industries from financial services to software companies and individual professionals.  

2. Proctorio, Inc. 

Proctorio, Inc. offers a proctoring software solution that is able to validate student’s identities and activities during online exams. It’s a fully automated, online proctoring service that provides a scalable, cost effective solution to ensure the integrity of distance learning while protecting institutional accreditation and increasing the value of online degrees and certifications. 

3. Nspire Automation Pvt, Ltd. dba Centilytics

Nspire Automation Pvt provides a SaaS platform for enterprises using public clouds to govern, analyze, and optimize its cloud spend. The company builds a meaningful picture of all the cloud expense and breaks down the complex cloud billing into actionable insights. 

4. LifeOmic Health, LLC 

LifeOmic Health, LLC is a software company that leverages the cloud, machine learning and mobile devices to power precision health solutions for providers, researchers, healthcare IT, pharma, and individuals. It develops and provides cloud-based healthcare solutions to store and manage whole genome sequences; and data sets for proteomics, metabolomics and transcriptomics. 

5. Vanta, Inc. 

Vanta, Inc. is a security-in-a-box for technology companies, covering everything from laptops to infrastructure and using a suite of simple, effective and easy-to-deploy tools. It helps secure the internet, increase trust in software companies and keep consumer data safe.

6. Pixel Labs, LLC 

Pixel Labs, LLC is a multi-platform media company with a focus on TV advertising, web content and audio production. The company offers premium media products that help build a brand or tell a story. It develops content across media platforms as diverse as TV, digital, audio, and print.

7. nDash, Inc.

nDash, Inc. is the world’s first content community company. It provides content creation software and services to the worlds leading brands, and agencies. The company crowdsourcing content ideation and provides tools to recruit, manage, and pay a team of freelance writers.

8. LogicManager, Inc. 

LogicManager, Inc. provides enterprise risk management (ERM) software and solutions. The company offers a software-as-a-service-based ERM software solution for risk taxonomy, risk mitigation, risk monitoring and identifying and assessing risk. 

9. Droice Labs 

Droice Labs brings the power of artificial intelligence to hospitals. The company’s technology provides personalized predictions of how a given treatment (e.g., a drug or a medical device) will perform for a given patient. Its software solution is based on a combination of the latest medical research and learning algorithms, which together analyze how treatment has performed on similar patients in the past by aggregating data from millions of patient records and treatment plans. 

10. Velocity Automotive Solutions, LLC dba ReconVelocity

Velocity Automotive Solutions, LLC doing business as ReconVelocity, Inc. is the premier vehicle reconditioning software for new and used car dealerships and dealer groups. The company balances the needs of all dealership departments, helping Recon Managers, Fixed Ops Directors, General Managers, Used Car Managers, and Service Managers fine-tune reconditioning processes to achieve faster inventory cycle times.