CRM Integrations

Sourcescrub + Affinity

Sourcescrub integrates natively with Affinity ensuring you get the most from your CRM investment. Automatically sync millions of private company data points directly into your Affinity instance.

Plug Into Your Affinity CRM

  • The Sourcescrub to Affinity integration assures you never miss another actionable opportunity

  • Eliminate manual download and upload processes that lead to mismatched records, duplicative work, and lost deals

  • Enrich firmographic data across all tracked companies in seconds

Lists, Opportunities, and Organizations Polished

  • Data imported automatically — your Affinity Organization records are enriched daily, weekly, or monthly

  • Add new records straight into New or existing Opportunities, or organize records into Lists

  • View Affinity data alongside Sourcescrub data for a true 360-degree view on a company

Sourcescrub platform

Never Miss a Deal

Sourcescrub gives dealmakers the most complete, accurate, and connected view of private markets available so they see more opportunities and win more often.
Over 700 companies see higher returns