How it works: Data

Uncompromising Quality

Private company intelligence requires a unique approach.  Given the thousands of data sources and varying quality,  SourceScrub built an operation that combines advanced data acquisition  technologies with a human approach to data quality. The result is the most accurate, complete and fresh private company data available.

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Unparalleled Completeness, Freshness, and Accuracy

5-step process combines technology with human supervision for game-changing data quality.

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Crawlers and researchers work methodically across 115.000+ sources to find and ingest data.



Normalizing and structuring data is critical to get the data model right, and ensures users can create reliable connections across companies and verticals. Our dimensional data model creates linkages across companies, sources, investors and people.



Data analysts QA and enhance data in a way technology alone cannot. The data operations team assists with labeling and interpretation, which paves the way for machine learning and training to scale this process.



SourceScrub’s engineering and product team package data so it is accessible in a range of formats, including: web platform, web extension, CRM integration, direct data feeds into data warehouse, or REST API calls into proprietary applications.



Stale data can be misleading. SourceScrub’s data set is reviewed monthly and data points are refreshed and QA’ed so SourceScrub data is consistently fresh and accurate.

4-Dimensional Data

Our approach to data starts with a deep understanding our our customers' goals. We built a 4-dimensional data model to help customers quickly find, research and connect with privately-held companies. This purpose-built approach gives users exactly what they need to be successful.

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Company dimension

Sources Dimension

Data sources where company name appears, such as buyer's guides, conference lists, associations and product roundups.

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Company Dimension

Core information about a company, including business description, industry, and location.

People dimension
People Dimension

Executive leadership, including titles and contact details.

Investor dimension
Investor Dimension

Investors and funds that are associated with a company.

9 core signals

While there are hundreds of signals to choose from, we've built unique data processes around 9 core signals. These signals are surfaced in our web platform as filters and pivots that accelerate your "time to insight".