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January 2015
100th customer
We reach 200 people
New York Office
Open in 2018
Mainsail Investment
In Nov 2019
Founding Story

Insider Beginnings

While building out the business development department at Serent Capital in 2014, our founder and CEO, Tyler Fair recognized the need for a private company data service. Facing the same "data-gap" that countless other private company investors faced, he trained a team of research analysts to build a database of bootstrapped companies. Soon Tyler connected with an old childhood friend, Prescott Nasser, who also had experience in investment banking. Together they built a tech platform around the data, and SourceScrub was born..

Seven years later, with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Washington DC, we're as committed as ever to the original vision. We're on a mission to transform the industry through the collection and organization of private company data. It's a hard problem, but one that we believe is worth while.

We bootstrapped ourselves
For the first five years of our company, we bootstrapped ourselves. Only fitting for a data service focused on bootstrapped companies!
Founder and CEO, Tyler Fair

“There was a huge data gap in and around bootstrapped companies.”

Tyler and Prescott had two key insights on the private company data market. First was that most of the data that existed was triggered based on a M&A or investment transaction. This left a huge  gap around companies who hadn't yet transacted - sometimes called "bootstrapped" companies.

The second insight was that finding and organizing data across the web was difficult work. They would have to solve it using a combination of web crawling technology with human editorial.

"Customers saw the value from the very start."

Customers saw the value from the get go. SourceScrub had its first customer before we were incorporated. While our team has grown and our technology has improved, the vision remains the same. Transform private company dealmaking through access to data.

Tyler and Prescott, Co-Founder and President
Executive Team

Our Leadership

Tyler Fair
Co-Founder & CEO
Prescott Nasser
Co-Founder & President
Jesse Phillips
Jon Dodson
Joshua Yulish
Mike Waite

Where Our Customers Are

We've opened offices where our customers are - in San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C. We also have a data operations team in the Philippines.

San Francisco
New York
What We Believe

Brand pillars

Data Driven Decisions

We believe a new, more powerful way of transacting is transforming the industry.  Data is the core of this New School approach, and we're passionate about helping customers better use data to drive their businesses.

Bootstrapped Focus

Companies that haven't yet transacted have always been the most opaque part of private markets. We've dedicated ourselves to shed light on this part of the economy because we feel there is immense opportunity there.


Quality of data is the core of our service.  That's why we've invested so heavily in our product and data operations teams. We aspire to hire the best and provide the highest quality career paths.  We are intentional in what we do and we aim to keep the bar high.


Customers guide our thoughts and actions.  Before starting SourceScrub, our founders worked for customers.  We put customer needs at the center of our thinking - in how we design products, how we provide our services and how we construct our processes.


Join us!

If you share our passion for the mission, perhaps you should come work with us. We're growing quickly and would be honored to have you take a look.

Learn more about what it's like to be part of the SourceScrub family.
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