5 Tech Tools for Deal Flow Amidst COVID-19

5 Tech Tools for Deal Flow Amidst COVID-19

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April 7, 2021

These are trying times. The COVID-19 pandemic has created economic strains across all industries and the financial sector is no exception. It is now more important than ever that investment banks and private equity firms fight with the arsenal available to them to keep deal flow smooth and operational against these economic hardships. Part of that arsenal is technology and there are a handful of tech tools available to aid in the battle.

Here are five tech tools for deal flow amidst COVID-19.

1. Deal Origination Platform

Efficient deal flow starts at the very beginning. From the widest funnel of your search and research, a deal origination platform like SourceScrub can help you work with the highest level of efficacy and organization. During these times, it’s essential to stay active in your search for potential deals, and SourceScrub will aid in that search for firmographic data that matches your specific investment thesis making it easier and more probable that you will find the right deal in the right time.

2. CRM

Key components to efficient deal flow are organization and accessibility, and a CRM platform helps keep your data organized and accessible by compiling it in one place. While the outside world may be in chaos, you can keep your firm’s data neat and systematized with a CRM platform that works with your specific wants and needs. A CRM will allow you and your team to see where deals are in the pipeline, who you need to contact, and what you need to accomplish in a streamlined manner ensuring the most efficient workflow.

3. Marketing Automation Tools

Now that in person meetings and conferences are an impossibility, it is more important than ever that you stay in touch with your clients and keep them abreast of your firm’s activities. A marketing automation tool can send emails and deliver content that ensures widespread visibility during these trying times. Ensuring that visibility is essential to keeping clients happy and, in the loop, while securing new deals and elevating those in progress.

4. Social Media Management Tools

During this time of social distancing and work from home policies, social media is more than ever a source of news, content, and contact. Social media management tools will ensure your firm is on top of updating feeds, disseminating new information, and curating useful content to an expectant audience. During these uncertain times, social media mediums are a constant and a comfort to your clients and managing your accounts to serve and inform is an essential part of keeping your business relevant and efficient.

5. Virtual Meeting Assistance

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the way we work and communicate by throwing us into a world of social distancing and office closures. Face-to-face meetings have become an impossibility, but to maintain and elevate your firm’s deal flow it is still important that you efficiently communicate with both your team and clients. In order to do this, you need to take advantage of tools within the virtual meeting space that provide clear and useful platforms through which you can video and chat with your peers. Virtual meetings ensure you are staying in touch with clients and reassuring them of your dedication to their work and progress even during these hard times.

While COVID-19 has changed norms and created economic uncertainty, utilizing technology can help ensure your firm is working to their highest capacity. From virtual meetings to deal origination, tech tools are essential to efficient deal flow and streamlined workflow. If you feel that your firm is not working as efficiently as possible, upgrade to technology like SourceScrub to elevate your work and maintain proficient progress.

Cheyenne Kolosky


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