Best of Bootstrapped in Healthcare, H1 2020

Best of Bootstrapped in Healthcare, H1 2020

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April 7, 2021

We believe data is at the heart of new school deal flow, so we’ve extracted the top 25 privately-held companies in the healthcare industry for you from our platform.

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1. StratiFi Health, LLC

StratiFi Health, LLC is an integrated solutions partner. The company improves the health of communities by providing integrated solutions for population health and physician practice services that proactively shape the patient’s healthcare experience.

2. DearDoc, Inc.

DearDoc, Inc. is building a platform that allows doctors to run the business side of the practice better. It created a series of different products that allows the doctor to sit-back, relax, and focus on the patients and working 24/7 in the background to ensure that the practice is running smoothly, efficiently and most importantly: growing with new patients.

3., LLC, LLC operates an online platform that allows doctors to visit patients online through video calls. It offers telemedicine solutions for patients reducing health care costs. The company develops mobile application for Android and iOS users.

4. Resolution Bioscience, Inc.

Resolution Bioscience, Inc. is pioneering next-generation cancer diagnostics that enable physicians to tailor treatments for each patient using only a blood test – a liquid biopsy. The company’s proprietary molecular analytics platform interrogates cell-free DNA for actionable information that, until now, has only been accessible through invasive biopsy procedures. It improves cancer outcomes through a suite of clinical tests to guide the selection of targeted therapies and monitor its effectiveness over time.

5. Intellis, Inc.

Intellis, Inc. provides the solutions and services that hospitals and healthcare systems need to modernize inpatient revenue cycle management and optimize reimbursements. The company offers a customized and flexible revenue cycle management solution to hospitals, outpatient providers, and physicians.

6. Blackstone Medical Services, LLC

Blackstone Medical Services, LLC is a privately held medical company primarily focused on servicing the sleep-disordered breathing market by providing “Home Sleep Testing”. The company is a provider for most major Insurance companies thought the country.

7. Leaderstat, LLC

Leaderstat, LLC is a national healthcare recruiting and consulting firm dedicated to the senior living and post-acute care industries. The company provides management and consulting resources to long-term care facilities. It specializes in interim management, executive recruiting and consulting for healthcare, post-acute, and senior care organizations.

8. Thrive Health

Thrive Health is a software company that improves the delivery of healthcare in Canada and around the world. The company helps patients and physicians to reduce the time to get to a diagnosis, allowing physicians to spend time on what matters. It also supports people through the ongoing health journeys and lives in general.

9. The Karis Group, Inc.

The Karis Group, Inc. provides patient advocacy or bill mediation services for the healthcare environment. The company offers brokering, consulting, and literature services. It provides patient advocacy services and non-insurance healthcare benefits plans which include healthcare sharing.

10. Agile Physical Therapy, Inc.

Agile Physical Therapy offers patients and clients with therapy and fitness solutions for a healthy lifestyle at each stage of life. The company also provides personal, individualized plan of health care and wellness to meet each person’s physical goals which includes functional, athletic and artistic.

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