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Best of Bootstrapped in Software, H2 2020

We are excited to announce the Best of Bootstrapped in Software for H2 2020

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March 31, 2021

Sourcescrub is excited to announce the Best of Bootstrapped in Software for H2 2020 winners. Although transactions hit a halt in early 2020, we expect that the market will bounce back this year - especially with an estimated 1.9B in dry powder. These winners were derived by looking at a combination of bootstrapped company growth signals including employee, job posting, marketing, web, and investor signals.

In relation to Software, moving to mobile and subscriptions were both common trends.  Lower allows consumers to shop and secure mortgages from their mobile device.  Metal Pay allows users to transact with cryptocurrencies from their phone.  Doxy is providing a mobile platform for doctors and patients to conducted telemedicine. Similarly, as subscriptions become ever more popular, Recharge has risen to the top of our 2020 list.  

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The Top 15 Software Companies Overview

Advent Health Partners, Inc.

Advent Health Partners, Inc. provides data and image aggregation solutions to the healthcare industry. The company offers CAVO, a Software-as-a-Service-based application that aids the decision-making process by gathering relevant data surrounding a claim to correct inefficiencies pre or post billing. It serves providers, commercial payers, and government payers.

Aunalytics, Inc.

Aunalytics, Inc. exists to harness the power of data and use it to fuel the economic engines of growing businesses, communities, and people. It helps businesses leverage massive amounts of disparate data to solve the most challenging problems and arrive at data-driven answers with greater speed and accuracy.

ReCharge, Inc.

ReCharge, Inc. is the leading platform to launch and scale client's subscription business that empowers stores in making payments easy. The company helps to grow the world economy, and create prosperity for all. It makes it easy for people to sell subscription products online and create an amazing remote-first culture.

Codesmith, LLC

Codesmith, LLC is a full-stack software engineering immersion program. The company teaches computer science, full-stack JavaScript (notably React and Node), and software architecture preparing graduates for mid to senior engineering positions. Its course also features preparatory material, extensive hiring preparation, and ongoing support with students' job searches.

Gubagoo, Inc.

Gubagoo, Inc. is a leading provider of dealer live chat, text, and call monitoring solutions. The company also offers seamlessly integrated web-based, SMS and call monitoring technologies for automotive dealerships.

Land Gorilla, LLC

Land Gorilla, LLC protects construction lenders, contractors, and borrowers from the inherent risks associated with traditional construction loan management practices. It is pioneering a new era in construction loan management with an innovative cloud-based ecosystem that is efficient, reliable and 100 percent compliant. It also offers Construction Loan Software, Construction Loan Administration, Collateral Valuations, Progress Inspection, and Construction Loan Product Development.

Medely, Inc.

Medely, Inc. offers an on-demand technology platform helping Nurse Professionals find, schedule and get paid for Nursing jobs. The company's products allow healthcare facilities to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable by accessing trusted medical professionals on-demand., LLC, LLC partners with restaurants to provide online food ordering capabilities. The Company develops e-commerce software and custom websites for restaurants that enable customers to digitally and interactively browse a food menu, to place to-go and delivery orders, and to pay online. It offers Sofware and Website Development for all kinds of restaurants.

Muck Rack, LLC

Muck Rack, LLC offers the new standard in public relations software, easily search for journalists, monitor news and build reports. It also enables to discover the best journalists to pitch on any story based on the profiles in the extensive media database, or through its comprehensive search engine covering the articles that written and the content, it shares on social media. It is also the solution of choice for journalists, who use Muck Racks free, automatically updated portfolios to showcase work.

Netsoft Holdings, LLC dba Hubstaff

Netsoft Holdings, LLC doing business as Hubstaff operates a cloud-based employee time tracking app with GPS monitoring and Payroll. It offers time tracking software that helps remote managers see what the workers are doing and track time to specific projects. The company's platform is a 100 percent free search platform, helps freelancers and businesses find the world's best remote work and talent.


OPSWAT, Inc. provides solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure. It offers Metadefender, a security solution for independent software vendors (ISVs), IT admins, and malware researchers that provide simultaneous access to multiple anti-malware engines residing on a single system; Metadefender Core, which analyzes incoming data from file upload servers, email servers, Web proxies, and other sources; Metadefender Cloud that provides cloud-based multi-scanning technology with hash lookup APIs to enable integration into network solutions and software applications; and Metadefender Hash Database, which enables ISVs and IT professionals to integrate fast anti-malware multi-scanning technology into its networks and applications.

Practical Dental Solutions, LLC dba YAPI

Practical Dental Solutions, LLC doing business as YAPI develops paperless software solutions for dental practices. Its solutions offer automated and integrated communications, monitoring and controlling patient flow, automated appointment confirmations or patient reactivations, intraoffice communications, patient relationship management, and recall reminders, as well as allow dentists to collect genuine reviews from patients.

ShiftKey, LLC

ShiftKey, LLC is the first scheduling and credential management platform designed to combat the national healthcare shortage by directly connecting healthcare professionals with top-tier facilities. Its healthcare facilities now have access to a platform that combines both scheduling and credential monitoring.

Soladoc, LLC dba Greenlight Guru

Soladoc, LLC doing business as Greenlight Guru, designs and develops software solutions. The company offers document control and management, design control, quality management, and analytics solutions. It is a modern quality management software platform built exclusively for the unique needs of the medical device industry.

Yooz, Inc.

Yooz, Inc. provides cloud-based accounts payable automation services for companies, small and medium scale enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Its technologies deliver the automation and accuracy, which include automatic GL coding, duplicate invoice detection, purchase requisition, workflow approval, purchase order import from ERP, and automatic matching of invoice and PO for approval.

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