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3 Steps to Finding Deals in a Fragmented Industry

We cover 3 steps to finding deals in a fragmented industry

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December 21, 2022

As we get closer to the start of a new year, it's becoming more apparent than ever that the age of the generalist private equity firm is coming to a close. Deal flow is slowing, and instead of fielding formerly-abundant inbound opportunities, firms must now invest in domain expertise and thematic sourcing strategies to find their niches, set themselves apart from their competition, and win deals.

However, for firms that operate in traditionally massive and fragmented industries such as technology and healthcare, the idea of finding what you're looking for can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. To break down how data and Sourcescrub's platform in particular allow all dealmakers to find and win more deals within these sectors, our VP of Product, Josh Giglio, recently described three proven steps to success.

Skim the post below for an overview, or scroll to the bottom to watch the full video!

Step #1: Qualify and Prioritize

As we found in a recent survey, more than three-quarters of dealmakers use Google to source deals for their firms. But the internet is vast, and while casting a wide net may mean you eventually find what you're looking for, targeting and prioritizing your search based on what fits your firm's criteria is far more efficient.

Rather than searching the internet at large, platforms such as Sourcescrub can help you find exactly the type of companies you're looking for without relying on outdated and vague industry classification methods like SIC codes. These platforms even allow you to create custom scoring algorithms that surface companies that match your investment thesis and sourcing strategy, helping you prioritize only the most valuable, relevant, and worthwhile opportunities.

Step #2: Build Relationships

Once you've found the right opportunities, now is the time to build the relationships to turn those opportunities into investments. The latest deal sourcing platforms not only surface highly accurate executive contact information, but also give dealmakers insight (and even alerts) about notable events that occur in their subsectors. These include employee count, executive movement, competitor fundraising, conference attendance, and more for target companies.

All this knowledge will help your dealmakers speak with more confidence, provide more relevant commentary, and maintain the level of domain expertise valued by executives and founders today. Communicating with personalized, timely, and relevant information is key to building rapport with founders and launching your firm to the forefront of their minds.

Step #3: Position Yourself for the Win

When it comes time to transact, this is where all your hard work pays off. Because your team has invested in being data-driven "understanding the target market, keeping abreast of news and activity, and personalizing communications to build the right relationships "your firm is now at the front of the line to win the deal.

Never Miss a Deal!

No matter how vast your target market is, the right data service provider can help your firm zero in on the best deals with speed and precision. For a full breakdown of these three steps, including an example from the notoriously fragmented healthcare industry, watch Sourcescrub's VP of Product Josh Giglio explain how firms use Sourcescrub to find and win the right deals.