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Elevate Your Deal Sourcing with Sourcescrub's New Personal Homepage

Announcing the revamped Sourcescrub homepage—an upgraded, personalized activity hub designed to enhance sourcing strategies for dealmakers in the fast-paced realm of M&A.

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December 7, 2023

Every second counts in the fast-paced realm of M&A, but speed alone isn’t enough to get ahead. Top dealmakers are also looking for ways to improve their focus, efficiently explore new ideas, and prioritize the work that matters most. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new and improved Sourcescrub homepage, a central, personalized activity hub designed to elevate your sourcing game.

The Problem: Context Switching Costs Teams

Many studies have been done on the effects of context switching throughout the workday, or moving back and forth between tools and tasks. Not only has it been proven that the average worker is interrupted more than 30 times each day, but it often takes 20 minutes to return to focus, and 20% of cognitive capacity is compromised when switching context

To truly excel in the dynamic world of M&A, teams need a solution that puts their valuable ideas and sourcing momentum front and center. This enables them to effortlessly reorient themselves while ensuring that progress isn’t just saved but also leveraged for ongoing success.

The Solution: Continuity Accelerates Success

Sourcescrub’s new homepage breaks the endless cycle of relocating, retracing, or re-doing work each time you re-engage with your work in Sourcescrub. As soon as you log in, you’ll be greeted with a personalized feed that features key activities, including:

  • Saved searches with any new companies that meet search criteria
  • Tagged companies with recent activity
  • Biggest upcoming conferences within preferred industries
  • Custom research statuses and updates
  • Notifications for list downloads, URL errors, etc.

The new homepage provides a single point of entry and consolidated view for all your most recent and important tasks, making it easy to refocus and pick up right where you left off. Seamlessly jump back into conference planning, target monitoring, opportunity discovery, and other essential workflows to identify, research, and engage more of the right opportunities, faster. 

Not only does Sourcescrub help teams save time, but it also makes sure that every moment counts. Minimize context switching costs, maintain sourcing momentum, and maximize the potential of every idea.

Previous Sourcescrub Homepage

Updated Sourcescrub Homepage

What Dealmakers Are Saying

"Sourcescrub's new homepage design is efficient and organized! With target list creation, relevant conferences, and tagged companies all within view, the software is streamlined and easy to use for my entire team. The overall layout feels light and enjoyable unlike other more complicated platforms.” - Brandon Knapp, Managing Director and Founder, Evercap Advisors

"Sourcescrub's new homepage is not just a launchpad; it’s my compass for the critical tasks I need to complete. Here, every task, search, and insight converge, empowering me to navigate forward with unwavering efficiency. It transforms work into a harmonious journey where every click resonates progress." - Jordan Margolin, Head of Business Development, VSS

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Sourcescrub’s new homepage is immediately available to all users. Simply log in now to see your personalized feed of recent activities, target company updates, and so much more. Not yet a Sourcescrub client? Let’s talk.