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The Truth About GenAI in Dealmaking

Explore how dealmakers in private equity, investment banking, and corporate development are leveraging generative AI tools like ChatGPT, with insights from our survey of 81 industry professionals.

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June 10, 2024

If you’re anything like 80% of dealmakers, you initially tried your hand at ChatGPT or other similar generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) tool. Whether you were amazed or underwhelmed, you’ve probably also wondered just exactly where your peers’ use of this and other sophisticated technology stands today. What sort of results are they seeing, and what are they planning to do next?

We were curious too, so we surveyed 81 dealmakers across private equity, investment banking, and corporate development to get to the bottom of the GenAI hype and discover whether embracing advanced data and technology is truly worth the effort. The infographic below highlights some of our most interesting findings, including the marked differences between organizations where dealmakers rate data and technology usage as sophisticated versus below average.

Want to read a detailed analysis of all our survey results? You can see them now in this guide, along with a step-by-step breakdown of how your organization can start getting real about GenAI.