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How to Leverage M&A Tools to Prep for Money 2020

Are you prepared for Money2020?

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October 2, 2019

Attending industry conferences are part and parcel to networking and deal sourcing. It's a central meeting place for innovators, growing businesses, established titans, and hungry buyers. Having all the necessary personas in the same place, you'd think just by attending and walking around you'd net a positive ROI. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. With the combined costs of application and registration, travel and lodging expenses, as well as the time away from the office, in order to benefit from these types of specialty conferences, you need to come adequately prepared.

That means sifting through oceans of material and data on the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of companies who attend. To do this manually can take weeks of tedious grunt work. Automating this process not only saves time, but also allows for more accurate research and targeted communications.

With an industry conference as instrumental as Money 2020 just around the corner, the question is: Are you prepared to attend with your current deal sourcing strategy? Or would leveraging M&A tools improve your success?

Information You Need Scrubbed

When entering Money 2020, you have four days to attend workshops, listen to keynote speakers on a variety of topics, and schedule meetings with potential prospects. With upwards of 8-10 companies presenting at the same time slot and enough meetups and workshops to fill your entire agenda back to back, knowing what to attend and who to talk with requires diligent research.

With Sourcescrub's M&A software, this analytical process can be automated and sped up to a fraction of the time commitment compared to manual research. The comprehensive database is readily accessible, so all you need to provide are the industry-specific keywords to narrow your research and help hone in on the perfect agenda for your Money 2020 attendance. From there, you can garner other pertinent data by searching through exhibitor directories, rosters of keynote speakers, and attendee lists.

Furthermore, you can access firmographic data on targeted companies that go well beyond a website and timeframe of attendance. Sourcescrub provides three crucial areas of research:

  • Market Mapping
  • Lead Generation
  • Conference Intelligence

Market Mapping

Having a bird's eye view of the conference allows you to parcel out which sectors and industry giants you'd like to target throughout Money 2020. Market mapping also enables you to identify trends and plot them against multiple variables from investor information to growth data and other key metrics, in order to better understand the landscape for your deal sourcing efforts.

Lead Generation

Both investment banks and PE firms understand the importance of closing bottom-of-the-funnel deals. However, when at a massive conference where all industry leaders are gathered, the primary concern is deal sourcing and M&A pipeline management. It can be an overwhelming environment if you aren't prepared. That's why it's critical that you select your target contacts wisely and start talking with people in advance that best align with your goals.

In short: it's a numbers game. Configuring 25 meetings each day is going to yield an ROI two and a half times more than the person who inadequately scheduled 10 meetings on a whim. In addition, ensuring each of those 25 meetings is with prospects that fit within your investment thesis is critical to your success rate. You don't want to be running around with all the wrong people and then realize that it's too late. Be prepared before the conference even starts so you can have the best chance of success.

Conference Intelligence

You already know which sector "which industry niche" you're targeting. Utilizing automated strategies to cut through the noise and identify companies based on a given set of search filters will optimize the way you gain conference intelligence.

Diving into the specifics, what does Sourcescrub provide its users with that could better prepare PE firms and investment banks for Money 2020? Good question. We:

  • Derive insights into how much venture money the exhibitor list represents in total. Then take that list and break it down into private, VC-backed, PE-backed, etc., to identify trends and key areas to focus on.
  • Provide these same insights for the list of keynote speakers, attendees, and sponsors to break down the entire conference by monetary backing. For example:

    Aggregate venture money raised in total by the attendees list of Money 2020 is $80,730,010,290.
    - Privately backed attendees constitute 28.9% of the conference
    - VC-backed attendees constitute 19.6%
    - Public attendees constitute 18.0%

    The aggregate venture money represented by the sponsors is $57,443,676,172.
    - Privately backed sponsors constitute 25.6% of the conference
    - VC-backed sponsors constitute 21.1.0%
    - Public sponsors constitute 11.6%

Being able to identify optimal leads at a conference ahead of time and attending meetings with key firmographic data on hand will help you be adequately prepared for your Money 2020 experience. If you are looking for extra support and assistance for Money 2020, consider using the various M&A tools from Sourcescrub.

Leveraging M&A Tools to Save Time

With over 872 users utilizing our platform to research Money 2020 in the last month, our analytics have shown that by spending an average of 20 minutes on the platform, users leveraged information that would normally take between a few days to a week to manually research.

What's more, knowing how to use M&A tools and support is as simple as providing search taxonomy of industry keywords within your niche. From there, Sourcescrub will be able to provide similar companies and potential clients in attendance that you may also consider targeting. This function in our software makes it incredibly easy for you to select the right people to talk to and create a program for your team to follow. To learn how to use our software from everything from conference planning to deal sourcing to developing a post-acquisition marketing strategy, visit our website today.


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