SourceScrub Customers Dominate GrowthCap’s Top 25 Private Equity Firms for 2021

Private Equity
Last updated:
March 8, 2022

GrowthCap has announced its selections for this year’s Top 25 Private Equity Firms for Growth Companies. More than 900 firms were considered, with this year’s winners having demonstrated a unique ability to build and scale businesses using proprietary resources beyond financial capital.

About 75% of the top 25 private equity firms have one thing in common – they rely on SourceScrub for private company intelligence.

GrowthCap’s selection criteria emphasize capabilities that drive market insights and operational excellence. In choosing this year’s top firms, most consideration was given to the uniqueness of a firm’s capabilities across market intelligence, strategic analysis, operational improvements, and other key areas.

Among this year’s top firms is Silversmith Capital Partners. Nathaniel Gibbs, investor at Silversmith, sums up SourceScrub’s contribution this way: “The SourceScrub platform is integral for our deal-origination effort. Uncovering businesses within target sectors that meet the parameters of our thesis now takes only minutes — a process that took days in the past. Our team’s efficiency and level of output has greatly increased since we started utilizing SourceScrub.”

To learn more about how PE firms use SourceScrub to see more opportunities and win more deals, visit our Private Equity page.

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