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Paving the Way for AI in Dealmaking

See how SourcingGPT gives dealmakers a secure and reliable AI-powered tool that helps them find and connect with targets faster.

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November 8, 2023

1. Promise and Peril

Generative AI is a transformative technology with potential for huge upside, but not without downside risk. On the one hand, there’s a green field of possibility to accelerate and simplify processes in the dealmaking cycle.  On the other hand, used without caution, generative AI can lead you in the wrong direction and leak proprietary intelligence. Without contextually appropriate data, generative AI sometimes hallucinates or makes things up. And public AI models trained to absorb and learn from each query can leak insights that may ultimately benefit business rivals.

To harness the power of generative AI to benefit your dealmaking processes, you need a solution that operates in a secure environment so the proprietary information you’re feeding into the tool isn’t benefiting or being shared with third parties. To prevent AI-induced hallucinations, you need to include contextually appropriate up-to-date information in addition to the wide corpus of data used by public models.

2. Introducing SourcingGPT

Sourcescrub is offering the first generative AI solution for dealmakers. SourcingGPT is built with a GPT model using Generative AI and contextualized with Sourcescrub data on Companies, Sources, Contacts, Investments, and additional details relevant to the deal-sourcing professional’s workflow. By contextualizing SourcingGPT with Sourcescrub’s data, you work with layers of relevant information that will minimize the need to double-check output.

It is hosted in Sourcescrub’s secure Azure instance so that any user input or prompts stay with Sourcescrub and don’t get used to retrain models that may benefit competitors.

“We’ve already used many of the AI-driven capabilities in Sourcescrub to dramatically increase the reach of our origination efforts and the size of our deal pipeline. We see SourcingGPT as a way to strengthen the output of our team and allow us to act more quickly on the most exciting potential targets.” —Jessica Ginsberg Managing Director, LFM Capital

3. SourcingGPT Makes AI Your Partner

Speed: SourcingGPT simplifies and speeds up processes at several stages of the dealmaking cycle, guiding you to answers within seconds instead of hours or days. It helps you get smart on industries quickly, accelerates target list creation, aids in identifying key players, and can craft customized outreach.

Clarity: SourcingGPT is contextualized for dealmakers and is integrated with Sourcescrub data pulled from Companies, Sources, Contact, and Investment information. SourcingGPT is also built to solicit more details from you if needed, to ensure it is working with you and not against you, eliminating hallucinations and providing more clarity.

Security: SourcingGPT operates in a secure environment, so your team can rest assured none of your proprietary information will feed open-source programs that are built to benefit other users, nor will your inputs be shared with third parties.