What Does the Future of Data Look like for Dealmakers?

Last updated:
November 16, 2022

It’s official: The recent tidal wave of inbound deals has slowed to a mere trickle. This perfect storm is putting dealmakers under intense pressure to deploy trillions in dry powder quickly. And while some firms have dabbled in data-driven, direct deal sourcing before, we wanted to get a pulse on whether current events have changed the way they think about the people, technology, and processes needed to turn this data into a sustainable advantage.

We surveyed about 100 dealmakers across private equity, investment banking, and corporate development to see how they define what it means to be “data-driven,” ways they’re currently sourcing opportunities, and what’s holding them back from taking full control of their deal flows. The infographic below breaks down some of the most interesting and insightful results. You can also access a detailed breakdown of all our findings in this report.

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