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Until now, there has never been a unified source of truth for dealmakers. Successful sourcing requires that you have both the broadest possible view of emerging companies, and deep profile and signal data to quickly assess for strategic fit and potential.

SourceScrub is now able to provide both. Profile+ is SourceScrub’s data quality standard that ensures our private company intelligence is thorough, accurate and complete. Along with Profile+, our coverage includes an additional 10 million companies with developing profiles for the broadest view of the market available.

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Expanded Coverage

includes 12.7 million companies for the broadest view available

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2.2 Million Profile+ Listings

accelerate discovery allowing precise match with strategy requirements

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Interconnected Sources

show web of potential for similar companies, market mapping, and conference planning

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triggered by news and growth signals let you automatically track for opportunities and readiness

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1. Target and Prioritize

Cast a wide net across the ocean of data to find relevant investment targets. Use SourceScrub’s purpose-built functions to refine your search with tools such as dynamic industry categorization, tunable scoring model, and on-demand list development to methodically prioritize your target lists.

2. Build Relationships

Armed with accurate contact information, lists of relevant conferences, and over 115,000 cross-indexed lists, dealmakers can confidently go outbound to build trust and connect with the right decision-makers while seamlessly keeping track of their pipeline with a robust 2-way integration with their CRM. Additionally, SourceScrub’s news alerts and subscriptions track growth signals so you can reach out with timely and relevant communication.

3. Position to Win

The key to winning deals is differentiating yourself from other competitors. Leverage SourceScrub’s subscription to news, signal alerts, and understand portfolio companies of competitors to build sector expertise and fully understand the market you’re investing in so you can build trust with investable targets and be their first choice when the time is right.

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