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Target identification

Perhaps you belong to a Private Equity firm identifying potential add-on acquisitions or investment opportunities. Or, maybe you're with an Investment Bank uncovering potential sell-side and buy-side targets. On the other hand, you might be a Wealth manager looking for C-level or other executives nearing a liquidity event at a private company. In any case, SourceScrub employs best-in-class search and filtering functionality to cut through the 'noise' out of company lists in seconds.

Market landscaping

SourceScrub allows you to get smart on hot sectors in minutes by searching for businesses with analogous key words to ones you currently track. Additionally, uncover where competitors are investing using up-to-date and validated investment data. Finally, connect companies to 'Sources' to generate insights about which end-markets private companies attempt to position themselves

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Tradeshow identification & preparation

Many are familiar with the top conferences in any given sector, but how do you know if it's worthwhile to commit the funds towards conference registration, flights, accomodations, time, and everything else? With SourceScrub, know where you should prioritize your attention based upon target-company attendance of thousands of Domestic and International events, and find similar targets to those businesses also in attendance. Get outbound to the key decision-makers in a fraction of the time.

Travel optimization

Flights and accomodations are booked next month for the next hot conference, a meeting with a portfolio company, or a management meeting. With just the singular event at hand, why not optimize instead of wasting precious time? Use SourceScrub to make trips out of the office more worthwhile by uncovering opportunities for meetings within specific geolocales or ranges from a city center.

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Post-Deal marketing

Following a transaction, the clock is ticking for getting outbound while the news is fresh. Amplify your marketing efforts by efficiently identifying competitive businesses in the sector as well as contact details for key decision-makers. With SourceScrub, you can reach out to the right opportunities at the right time.

From sourcing new prospects, finding actionable contact information, identifying potential buyers, or gathering information around a specific target, SourceScrub has become an integral tool in what we do
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