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A new era of conferences

Conferences have historically been a great way to source deals and develop relationships.  COVID-19 has changed the conference landscape dramatically.  However, companies continue to find ways to connect with customers and partners.

  • Leverage virtual conferences
    SourceScrub tracks virtual conferences and webinars.  Continue to prospect and drive lead generation at tradeshows without the travel
  • Make the most of limited travel
    For those who are traveling, make the most of limited time in geos. Fill your calendar with promising prospects.
  • Make use of past conference lists
    Use past conference lists to find interesting companies. Use historical attendance as a sourcing signal.
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Best dataset available

Whether online or in-person, SourceScrub is capturing conferences and events.  Make sure you leverage this valuable set of data in your sourcing strategies.

The most comprehensive data set

SourceScrub covers trade shows, conferences, and online events.

Conference lists are cross-referenced

Use our sources as a launching off pad to research sectors, geographies, and other prospects.


Conference lists posted weeks in advance to make sure you're well prepared.