CRM integrations

SourceScrub offers different ways for you to infuse data directly into Salesforce and the DealCloud DataCortex so that your Business Development and Marketing teams are aligned on a clean foundation of comprehensive and up-to-date company data

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Data Funnel Straight into your Record Destination

SourceScrub currently integrates with the DealCloud DataCortex and synchronizes to SalesForce Accounts, Leads, and Contacts. Several metrics are portable between platforms, including Employee Counts, Funding Details/Dates, and Growth rates.

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Open Authorization Compatibility

SourceScrub is OAuth compatible through our integration with SalesForce, and the DealCloud DataCortex currently remains accessible through the DealCloud platform.

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Testing Environment Capabilities

Test our field-mappings in a SalesForce sandbox environment to configure and customize according to your systems and processes before migrating the data to production

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Ability to Import Custom Fields to view within the SourceScrub Platform

Track proprietary fields such as 'priority,' 'last activity date,' or 'owner' to view while searching within a Source or the Companies Search tool in SourceScrub to prevent your research efforts from being disjointed

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Granular Configurability for Adding new Data or Revalidating your Existing Records

With the SalesForce integration, customize field-mappings depending on whether you're adding a new records, updating an existing records, or bulk-synchronizing to cross-reference and re-validate the records that are analogous between our database and yours

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Automatic Synchronizations for Systematically Refreshing your Data

Set-and-forget a bulk synchronization schedule with the SalesForce integration to cleanse records with stale data and constantly refresh them so they stay fresh going forward. Link accounts and use SourceScrub to prioritize conferences in order of target attendance