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These 25 Bootstrapped Companies Are Thriving in Uncertainty: How Firms Can Find More

25 bootstrapped companies thriving in uncertainty and how firms can find more

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July 21, 2022

If the past few years have demonstrated anything, it's that the entire worldcan change in the blink of an eye. But while businesses and people alike havebecome increasingly concerned about what the future holds, these changes havecreated opportunities for many. New passion projects have been found,occasional hobbies have turned into full-time careers, and would-beentrepreneurs have become real-life founders.

This surge of founder-owned orbootstrapped companies has also offered private equity firms and investmentbankers more possibilities than ever for finding new companies to invest in.However, with the increasing likelihood of a recession, dealmakers aretightening their investment criteria.

This is where private company intelligence platforms really make a difference. Especially with the influx of new businesses, finding accurate and complete information about these up-and-coming companies - and then determining which are ripe for investment - is a tall order.

To help, we've harnessed Sourcescrub to examine the universe of bootstrapped companies that were founded within the last 3 years, and narrowed it down to the 25 businesses that have shown the highest growth rate over the last 90 days. Let's take a look!

Bootstrapped Companies Thriving in Uncertainty: Key Highlights

The majority of companies (44%) on our list were founded in 2020, which is likely due to a continuation of pre-pandemic-planned business openings combined with the subsequent surge of innovation. 2019 saw 32% of these companies get started, while 2021 is the least common founding year at 24% despite seeing the start of the on-going "Great Resignation."

Although not surprising for a list of recently-founded bootstrapped businesses, most companies on the list skew toward the smaller side: Over three-quarters (76%) have between 11 and 50 employees. A little over 15% have between 51-200 employees, while less than 10% have as many as 500. The fact that these companies are achieving so much with such small teams indicates they could be poised for greatness if given the right opportunity (or investment).

Unlike company size and year founded, these 25 companies growing in spite of adversity vary greatly when it comes to location and industry. While 36% are located in the United States, the rest are distributed all over the world - 11 countries in all - and on almost every continent. (Oceania and Antarctica are the only ones missing from the list.) Nearly half are either technology or consulting firms, at 28% and 20% respectively. This is followed by healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and beauty & cosmetics.

Clearly, there is no one path to success for these entrepreneurs, and firms looking to further diversify their portfolios might find their next great opportunity in this list.

The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Bootstrapped Companies

After analyzing the data for the whole list, we used Sourcescrub to determine the cream of the crop when considering a 3-month growth rate. See the top 10 for yourself below, listed in alphabetical order:

Cookhub, LLC

Cookhub is turning the meal service industry on its head in Austin, TX. Rather than focusing on delivering ingredients for its customers to cook, Cookhub sources chefs who specialize in their native cuisines to deliver culturally-infused and ethnically-inspired meals directly to customers' doorsteps.

Cluster GreenH2

Cluster GreenH2 aims to promote the hydrogen sector in Morocco through the initiation, support, and coordination of innovative collaborative projects in the field of green hydrogen. Cluster GreenH2 is part of the continued implementation of the HighRoyal Guidelines aimed at making Morocco a pioneering country in terms of energy transition, encouraging the transfer of knowledge through collaborative projects that bring together industrialists and researchers from both within Morocco and abroad.

Fleet Capital Corp.

Eager to simplify the "Complicated Finance" category for their customers, Fleet Capital Corp.'s mission is to help people achieve their business goals through better and more transparent financial services. The company has a track record as the most resourceful provider of commercial vehicle and heavy equipment financing.


FrescoFud aims to offer a robust UberEats Clone App that focuses on expanding a restaurant or food delivery business using hassle-free processes - from collecting brand requirements to launching the app on both Android & iOS platforms. FrescoFud enables clients to quickly and easily start their online food delivery business.

HackenAI, Inc.

HackenAI, Inc. develops an all-in-one, continually developing, personal cybersecurity application that helps keep digital identities and the online world safe. HackenAI offers cybersecurity solutions for businesses, functional cybersecurity applications for users, new HAI token utility, and special tools for the community.

Inxpect Deutschland GmbH

Inxpect Deutschland GmbHis a young technology company with an exceptional team and corporate culture that has made it possible to develop the most advanced security radar system in the world. It invents, designs, manufactures, and distributes radar-based smartsensors, primarily for the industrial automation and robotics markets.

Kuda Villingili Maldives

Kuda Villingili Maldivesis a private island resort where time and space are redefined. The company focuses on balancing a sense of togetherness and inclusivity with privacy and independence, allowing guests to have a personal experience and making each journey unique.

Nadia Co., Ltd

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Nadia Co., Ltd. aims to create a more emotional society by utilizing the power of design for company branding projects, including digital, graphic, and web design.

SIA Plastics

SIA Plastics is a company focused on the recycling and recovery of plastic waste for businesses. By minimally altering the physical composition of plastic, maintaining its chemical properties, and only slightly altering its chemical composition, SIAPlastics is paving the way for a more responsible plastic recycling industry.

Tama UK, Ltd.

Tama UK specializes in giving total crop baling solutions and is focused on meeting the specific needs of each customer. Their partnership with the main baling machinery manufacturers offers the highest quality range of products specifically tailored to suit all crop baling equipment. This is achieved by offering an unrivaled level of customer support, technical expertise, and distribution excellence, coupled with products approved and recommended by leading machinery manufacturers.

See More of What Sourcescrub Can Do

Bootstrapped companies are known for providing dealmakers with proprietary investment opportunities with lower competition and potentially higher returns. But with information on these companies spread across so many different sources and accurate data so hard to come by, finding the right bootstrapped businesses for your firm can be a major headache.

Sourcescrub's private company intelligence platform makes it easier. For dealmakers who want to see more deals and win more often, Sourcescrub provides the most complete view of founder-owned companies available. Our private company intelligence platform collects, categorizes, and enriches data from over 115,000 sources so dealmakers can have a decisive edge in finding, researching, and connecting with founder-owned businesses.  

To see more of what Sourcescrub can do and discover other fast-growing bootstrapped companies that meet your firm's investment criteria, request a free demo.