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Best of Bootstrapped: The Fastest Growing Private Companies of 2021

Check out the most successful bootstrapped startups of 2021!

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February 10, 2022

In 2021, the Great Resignation gave way to the "Great Creation" as entrepreneurs across a wide swath of industries struck out to follow their passions, bringing about a startup renaissance like never before. That's why Sourcescrub is thrilled to announce our list of the most successful bootstrapped startups of the year!

To put this list together we scoured the universe of founder-owned businesses for promising young companies that have proven to be among the fastest-growing private companies in America, but are still unlikely to have shown up on dealmakers' radars just yet. Using key company growth signals including employee, job posting, marketing, web, and investor data, we determined these companies are the ones to watch.

Unlike our list of the fastest growing startups of 2020, where the majority of the Top 10 was made up of medical companies, this year's list highlights only one healthcare-centric brand. Instead, we see a diverse array of B2B industries representing everything from explainer videos to strategy creation.

It seems as though the market is transitioning from being all-consumed by the global pandemic to learning how to navigate the business world alongside it. The connective tissue between the companies on this year's list appears to be an emphasis on doing better business in every sense of the word. For example, we're watching as CustomerHD improves customer experiences, Analysis Prime builds client relationships, and Accentec Technologies provides the supplies businesses need to do it all.

We do see some outliers though. These include space travel-oriented Astra, consumer goods seller Congo Brands, and full-service mortgage provider Cornerstone First Mortgage. And with health and wellness still top of mind, it's no surprise to see healthcare services provider Avidon Health, LLC rounding out our top 10.

Also of note is geographic location. Most of these companies take up residence in California, with a handful of Midwestern and Southern states also checking in. New Jersey steps up to represent the East Coast's only contender for the year.

Our list started with nearly a million contenders from our private company database and was crafted using Sourcescrub's Custom Scoring capability, balancing a 12-month growth rate with company size measured by headcount. The result is an eclectic mix of emerging companies across a range of industries including gaming, insurance, analytics, logistics, healthcare, telecom, packaged goods, and more. Let's dig into the top 10!

Sourcescrub Best of Bootstrapped Overall for 2021

1. CustomerHD, LLC

CustomerHD, LLC is a boutique customer experience provider founded by industry veterans who share the belief that a customer-centric approach is not only a differentiating strategy, but should also be the cornerstone upon which the entire business is built. It delivers outstanding customer service solutions built on amazing people, innovation, and best practices.

2. Nexben, Inc.

Nexben, Inc. is an open insurance marketplace helping providers, agents, and consumers connect and transact with each other. The company began out of deep knowledge of the traditional distribution of insurance and financial services products, and a dedication to creating a more effective process. It specializes in computer hardware and software.

3. Analysis Prime, Inc.

Analysis Prime, Inc. is an analytics and performance management company that is primed for the digital transformation age. The company is all about relationships, (not projects), about value, (not price), and about making expertise available to its customer base in service of maximizing the value of their investments in people, processes, and systems.

4. Accentec Technologies, LLC

Accentec Technologies, LLC is a company that focuses on business supplies and equipment. The company provides touch screen computer solutions for a variety of verticals, including building automation, industrial automation, interactive kiosks, healthcare, office equipment, retail displays, transportation applications, and point of sale devices.

5. CRFT RUS, ltd. dba CRFT Creative Studio

CRFT RUS, Ltd. doing business as CRFT Creative Studio creates animated explainer videos that help describe and promote businesses, services, products, or apps. The company produces a variety of high-quality and memorable custom videos that help explain complex ideas, and as a result, increase brand awareness and conversion rates.

6. Astra

Astra is a small, highly entrepreneurial team of rocket engineers with deep technical expertise who love to build things and relish the idea of a grand challenge. It provides routine access to earth orbit for the entrepreneurs and enterprises that are launching a new generation of services powered by small satellites that will connect, observe, and influence the planet.

7. Mammoth Growth

Mammoth Growth is a growth marketing and analytics team as a service. It helps its clients ask the right business questions, select and instrument the right tools, verify data integrity, manage reporting infrastructure, and provide recommendations and insights that achieve measurable results.

8. Cornerstone First Mortgage

Cornerstone First Mortgage is a full-service mortgage bank that functions as both the mortgage banker and broker. All aspects of the loan process (underwriting, funding, and processing) are offered in-house. It provides a wide array of products combined with quality service to create a positive lending experience.

9. Congo Brands

Congo Brands works with brands that are driven by social media dominance to create products that never disappoint. It specializes in apparel, supplements, media, books, and mobile accessories. The company's focus on consumer feedback, product development, and branding allows it to better support all aspects of its partners' products.

10. Avidon Health, LLC

Avidon Health, LLC is a provider of healthcare services intended to change lives by fixing the engagement problem in healthcare. Through its engagement platform, the company offers human-centered and data-driven cognitive-behavioral training methods for stress management, chronic condition management, and brain health, helping patients create sustainable healthy habits and produce outcomes.

Find More Cutting-Edge Companies

While public company data is readily available, finding fresh, accurate, and detailed private company data on successful bootstrapped startups is a major challenge for dealmakers. Uncovering lucrative opportunities among the millions of pre-transacted private companies in the market is both time- and resource-consuming without the right tools.

Sourcescrub plays a critical role in helping modern firms uncover and dig deep into the fastest-growing private companies through advanced data signals and up-to-the-minute industry insights. In addition to keeping track of quickly growing companies, our private company intelligence platform also allows firms to discover otherwise hidden opportunities that best suit their investment theses.

To see more of what Sourcescrub can do and discover the rest of our top picks for 2021's most successful bootstrapped startups, download the rest of our Best of Bootstrapped 2021 list!