Keys to Investment Banking Marketing Strategy

Keys to Investment Banking Marketing Strategy

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April 7, 2021

For an influx of quality leads and a streamlined pipeline for your firm, a successful investment banking B2B marketing strategy is essential. In such a digital era, marketing tactics focus heavily on digital methods. However, traditional marketing methods are still prominent and necessary, especially when coupled with digital tactics.

How can you create that perfect blend between online and offline efforts? Our investment banking deal sourcing tools can help. Read on for best practices for your investment banking marketing strategy.

Traditional Methods

Word-of-mouth marketing, such as networking, is still one of the most valuable methods of marketing for investment bankers. Though it can have a smaller reach, nurturing opportunities  with a handshake and a business card can be a warmer touch point than a cold email.

Attending major investment conferences, summits, and networking events  provides the chance to grow your network organically and connect with potential leads. You can even supercharge in-person methods through digital means.

To start, SourceScrub’s deal origination software can help investment banks quickly identify potential customers or potential deals before events . Not only will the platform tell you what events a company is attending, it will also provide  contact information of key decision makers to help to cinch more pitch meetings.

Digital Methods

One main focus of marketing within any investment banking firm is widening their sales funnel to bring in potential customers. With this in mind,  digital B2B marketing techniques are extremely important. Three areas where investment banks can quickly adopt digital marketing techniques to see enhanced flow are:

  1. An efficient, client-facing website
  2. Meaningful content
  3. Paid advertising

IB Website | Avoiding the Common Mistakes

Your company website needs to explain your business model and core values in a clear, coherent manner. With jargon-heavy professions (finance, tech, biomedical), the message quickly becomes lost to technicality. Ultimately, this can make your company harder to find because it decreases your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.

For some key facets to focus on with your website:

  1. Brevity – Keep it short and to the point. No fluff-talk, keep the jargon to a minimum and use analogies when it creates simplicity.
  2. Functionality – Create seamless transitions across pages and make any forms as simple as possible.
  3. Flow – Always begin high level. Once you’ve garnered interest, then branch out into the various service offerings and core values.
  4. Mystery, not confusion – Mystery implies further inquiry into your service offerings. Confusion implies clicking off the page faster than you can say the words “mystery, not confusion.”

Remember that a website is the face of the company. You want potential clients to be met with your brand and offering , while not being too overloaded with information.

Draft a Relevant Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing consists of the creation and distribution of written, auditory, and visual content. A strong content marketing plan can incorporate a variety of tactics, including:

  • Blog Posts
  • Social media channels
  • YouTube channel or video series
  • Podcasts
  • Whitepapers
  • Editorials

A swath of resources through consistent, informative content can bring in traffic, which can lead to increased deal flow through organic means. There are two key takeaways from a relevant content marketing strategy:

  • Becoming the “expert’s expert.” To be honest, the content you’re writing about in a blog is probably information that any investment bank could draft and publish. The question is, are they doing it? And if so, can you do it better? Can you become the expert’s expert—the expert that other investment banks turn to for highly informative, valuable content. Doing so puts you in a position to claim authority in the content space and drive quality traffic to your website.
  • Building Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your investment banking marketing strategy. Within your content, there are keywords you can target to start creating SEO value for your financial website. This SEO value helps you rank higher on search engine queries, which means more eyes on your website. It’s incredibly valuable to be on the front page of Google, according to Forbes:
  • The first page of Google Search will receive, on average, 92% of all clicks compared to the entire second page which receives less than 6%.

The more keywords you rank for, the higher your SEO value. The more informative articles you can write within your industry, the more keywords you can target.

You may be wondering if there’s a way around the slow, organic build-up of content that comes from content marketing. Is there a way to “cheat” the system? Most investment bankers and private equity firms don’t want to wait months or even years to see their SEO efforts begin to work. So how do you speed up the process?

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Most commonly used with Google Ad Words, pay-per-click marketing is where you can pay for certain keywords to rank amongst the top few articles on Google.

Note: The articles or landing pages that appear in these first few positions will have the word “ad” next to them on Google. Though, as you’re probably well aware, many people click on these pages regardless.

When someone clicks on one of these articles, you pay somewhere between a few cents to a few dollars (depending on how competitive the keyword is). This provides one way to artificially inflate the ranking of the page and get your content in front of more eyes.

The Importance of Post-Deal Marketing

Post-deal marketing is one of the most powerful weapons in an investment bank’s arsenal. It’s important for banks to create case studies and put focus on PR efforts for notable deals closed. Promoting the success of deals in this way will showcase the strength of a bank’s services to the broader market of potential customers.

Sourcing More Deals

To conclude, traditional and digital marketing strategies will aid investment banks in widening their sales funnel to bring in more customers. With the help of SourceScrub’s target market analysis, conference preparation software, and post-deal marketing tools, you’ll be able to not only target leads efficiently, but you’ll be better equipped to identify and close deals for these new customers.

The strength of the platform comes from its ability to enhance your marketing efforts at each point of that pipeline. The data scrubbing capabilities help you in prospecting, as you can identify prospects with extensive filtering, conduct pre- and post-event communications to foster relationships, and ensure that lead information is integrated with your CRM.

As you fill the top of the funnel with new leads, SourceScrub also helps with the next steps of investment due diligence and TAM analysis so you can ensure the quality and viability of those leads. Moving into the bottom of the deal pipeline, utilize SourceScrub’s tools to better understand a company’s key firmographics or review helpful case studies from past deals sourced on the platform.

That’s the power of having the right tools. That’s the power of SourceScrub. If you are looking to expand your financial services in your market and improve your financial institution overall, our wide range of tools can help. Contact our team of experts today to learn how you can expand your business.


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