Best of Bootstrapped in Financial Services, H2 2020

Best of Bootstrapped in Financial Services, H2 2020

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April 7, 2021

SourceScrub is excited to announce the Best of Bootstrapped in Financial Services for H2 2020 winners. Although transactions hit a halt in early 2020, we expect that the market will bounce back this year – especially with an estimated 1.9B in dry powder. These winners were derived by looking at a combination of bootstrapped company growth signals including employee, job posting, marketing, web, and investor signals.

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The Top 15 Financial Services Companies Overview

Blue Dog Business Services, LLC

Blue Dog Business Services, LLC offers merchants robust reporting features and easy navigation. The company also offers a wide array of hardware and software payment solutions, and make it easy for the customer to accept any conceivable form of payment both in-store and online. It provides an assortment of gift and customer loyalty options allowing merchants to offer in-house gift and loyalty programs directly to its customers.

Civic Financial Services, LLC

Civic Financial Services, LLC is a leading institutional private money lending company that specializes in short-term, non-owner occupied, and investment property financing. The company provides business purpose loans for mortgage brokers, borrowers, investors, and real estate agents that seek to fix and flip, buy and hold, rate and term, cash out and refinances, bridge financing, and wholesale financing. It helps resourceful investors leverage opportunities to grow its real estate portfolios.

Decision Research Corp. (DRC)

Decision Research Corp. (DRC) is a software development and information technology company that provides rating and policy administration solutions for the property and casualty insurance industry worldwide. The company offers DecisionMaker, a Web-based, fully integrated suite of insurance applications that provides insurers and MGAs with a complete quote-to-claim system.

First Help Financial, LLC

First Help Financial, LLC is an innovative and fast-growing auto finance company. It serve under-banked customers that have limited access to financial services and are often first-time borrowers. The company help customers make smart financial decisions and support it throughout the life of its loan.

Hexaview Technologies, Inc.

Hexaview Technologies, Inc. focuses on providing custom services and product development to RIAs and Investment management firms. The company endeavors to provide optimal solutions to the unique business requirements.


CreditNInja is a financial institution. The firm provides its customers with financial support in the form of installment loans and personal loans.


Lower is a fintech startup using machine learning to make smart loan recommendations while helping consumers buy and refinance its is an app that lowers rates, lower payments and better recommendations through technology.

Member First Mortgage, LLC

Member First Mortgage, LLC is one of the largest Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSO) in the nation. The company is a full-service mortgage lender with an experienced staff offering expertise in every area of mortgage lending; from purchase, to refinance, to construction lending. It serves the home financing needs of credit union members as well as non-members.

Metallicus, Inc. dba Metal Pay

Metallicus, Inc. doing business as Metal Pay offers a blockchain-based payment processing platform, which introduces cryptocurrency to the mass-market level by combining participation incentives with a clean, user-friendly interface unseen in cryptocurrencies. It gives consumers a rewarded up to 5% using the native METAL (MTL) token.

NEXA Mortgage, LLC

NEXA Mortgage, LLC is a full-service mortgage broker. The company offers every loan product known and have the ability to shop all loans for the best possible option for any consumer on a single visit. It also offer a wide range of refinancing options.

Primerica Financial Services, Inc.

Primerica Financial Services, Inc. is an international financial service marketing organization listed on the NYSE. The firm locates, trains, and mentors people interested in assisting people in becoming more financial literate and also includes training geared towards helping middle-income families become properly protected, debt-free, and financially independent.

Rosenblatt Securities, Inc.

Rosenblatt Securities, Inc. provides advice and trade execution services to institutional investors. The company offers equities or ETF trading; execution analytics, visualization, and consulting; market structure analysis; and corporate advisory services, such as investment banking, business development services, and strategic consulting engagements. It provides research and analysis services, such as technology, media, and telecom research; international markets research; and specialty materials, metals, and aerospace supply chain research.

Strategic Financial Solutions, LLC

Strategic Financial Solutions, LLC provides debt relief, credit counseling, and financial planning services to individuals. It tailors debt relief options that include debt consolidation loans, and debt resolution and credit card modification programs.

TruSight Solutions, LLC

TruSight Solutions, LLC is a best practice third-party assessment service created by leading industry participants for the collective benefit of all financial institutions, its suppliers, partners and other third parties. The company primarily operates in the financial services industry.

Vervent, Inc.

Vervent, Inc. is the fastest growing servicer of loan and lease portfolios in the United State and are expanding to service the clients on a global scale. It specializes in top-speed servicing solutions and offers ancillary support for verification calls and remarketing.

Download the Full List >>

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