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How to Better Uncover Private Company Information During Tradeshow Prep

1 aspect of deal origination that many fail to prep for is tradeshow attendance.

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July 29, 2019

In recent years, the task of deal origination within investment banking has posed a far greater challenge than it did in previous decades. What once was heavily reliant on golf course networking and wining-and-dining has evolved into an entirely different strategy play. Now, with more competition in the marketplace than ever before, it's crucial to utilize multiple possible methods for origination in order to ensure success.

One aspect of deal origination that many fail to properly prepare for is tradeshow attendance. Due to an overreliance on antiquated strategies, countless investment bankers approach these significant opportunities for deal origination with insufficient company information. This lack of insight forces them to operate blindly, firing from the hip as opposed to making strategic, informed decisions. Below, we'll discuss better approaches you can take in order to maximize your effectiveness at tradeshows and increase deal flow, from effective preparation strategies to utilizing an M&A platform.

The Problem with Tradeshow Prep

Tradeshows are a prime opportunity for origination. There, dozens upon dozens of potential deals await discovery, but it takes a trained eye and a smart methodology to approach these from the right angle. In order to do so, it's vital that you have the proper growth and firmographic data on a company so you are equipped with the details necessary to decide whether that company is the right target.

At its essence, deal sourcing involves three fundamental components:

  • Finding clients
  • Building relationships
  • Pitching deals

Typically, there are four operations necessary for successful deal sourcing at any given tradeshow:

  1. Plan early - Once your attendance has been scheduled, it's time to get to work. This involves determining who will be the lead, charting the necessary preparation required and starting work quickly.

  2. Conduct research - As we'll delve into shortly, you need to dig up all pieces of information you can about the event to help you focus your messaging in emails, conversation, and pitches.
  3. Prepare your messaging - Once you've collated all the necessary information, you can begin tailoring your message to your target audience. The more details you have, the more poignant and powerful the message or pitch can be.
  4. Schedule appointments - You'll want to schedule meetings with prospective clients, partners, or firms. The more the better, in order to capitalize on your time there.

On the surface, finding the information needed to properly prepare may not seem like a difficult feat when it comes to public companies, since most of the information is unrestricted. However, for privately held companies whose information can be incredibly difficult to track down, many bankers or analysts are left grasping at straws or stuck using obsolete research strategies such as:

  • Google researching
  • Manually aggregating conference and award lists
  • Scouring conference websites and workshop moderators
  • Researching rosters of keynote speakers
  • Tracking down company financial and growth data points in person or over the phone

Conducting such research is inefficient and often can cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of labor for just one tradeshow. Further, there's no guarantee that the information that's uncovered will be of any use. Simply put, an archaic manual search might render you overbudget and underprepared. Now, with Sourcescrub, there's a better way.

How to Better Uncover Private Company Information in Tradeshow Prep

Sourcescrub is an online deal origination tool that aggregates information into one platform so investment bankers can pinpoint everything they need to know about a company. In just a few minutes, you can easily find valuable private company information within the M&A deal management software such as:

  • Current count of employees
  • Past growth
  • Job opening counts and Growth Intent
  • Recent fundraising

The data scrubbing tools allow you to identify worthy conferences, award lists, or interesting prospects in any given industry and feel confident that you are operating on up-to-date information. It also gives you a comprehensive outlook on the market landscape and pivotal players in the industry. Finally, this powerful platform provides you with a robust and accurate database of founder-owned businesses, permitting you to:

  • Target non-transacted companies and corporations for a potential merger and acquisition.
  • Easily and comprehensively evaluate the target business' key firmographic details.
  • Monitor changes or recent news regarding important public and private companies.
  • Discover founder-owned businesses both in the early- or late-stages, thus maximizing your possible deal sources.

Preparing for Tradeshows

It's time to stop relying on inefficient research strategies. Instead, opt for a bold new way of optimizing your public and private deal origination at tradeshows with effective deal flow software. With Sourcescrub in your arsenal, you'll be better prepared for each crucial step of the process.


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